Travel Packing List.

Hello and welcome back. Long time no read.

So happy you are still with me, even though I haven’t written anything in a prettay long time. But here are some news I got for you, I have PALEEENTYY new Posts coming up for you, food recipes, travel essentials, how to deal with anxiety, starting a routine and so on! WAY. I’m so excited to share all this in the next couple of weeks with you.
But there are also some „bad“ news. I’ll be only writing in english. It has a couple of reasons why I won’t be translating everything into german anymore, but the biggest one is, that I am 100% sure you all know english very well 🙂

But lets start with something fun –TRAVELING. I have been asked a lot what I CAN NOT travel without, so I just decided I’ll be showing you my to got to Travel Packing List. I left a blank line at the end of every category so you can add anything that is important to YOU!

Oh and don’t worry about copying the Checklist, I’ll attach the whole thing at the end of this Post 😉

Let’s start with the Essentials, the ones I CAN NOT leave the house without:

Tadaaa the Essentials. Quick run-through: Of course you need to bring your Wallet, it doesn’t really matter if you already have exchanged money or not, nowadays credit cards should work anywhere. But if you decide to go on a trip through the jungles of Africa, where there is no ATM at every Gasstation, you need to make sure to have that currency with you.
And maybe a Machete, just think about it.
Phones, iPads, Laptops, Headphones etc. are things that I have with me on all travels, I wish I could say I don’t NEED them but lets be honest, that would be lie. #millennialcurse

If you decide to travel abroad you might have to check if you need a Visa for the country you are planning on going to. You might also just get a little paper during the flight from me or one of my beautiful colleagues, so PLEASE bring a pen. We do have some on board but not 571.

Also there is a 100% chance you’ll be needing a Passport, take it. Make sure its valid (some countries require a 6 month validity AFTER you leave their country -> check on that). I learned that not everyone in the US has a passport?! Like what the actual Fanana?! I can not remembering NOT having a passport. It always made me feel like I have the opportunity to go anywhere at any time and explore, even if I don’t, I could.

So if that’s you:

Btw Keys, if you decide on coming back, don’t forget your keys & also don’t loose them, cause you never use them in a foreign country. It’s easy, believe me, been there done that.. three times…

Alright next one:

Everyone has their own little things they like to use for their grooming. The ones that I listed are I’d say standard. You can add or leave anything out if you like. I’m sure not everyone will be needing hair ties or a straightener. And YES i put condoms and birth control on that list.

WAIT WHAT? SEX?! No we don’t talk about it!
Oh Yes Babe, we will!

First: Birth Control; It is the worst if you forget those little things, putting all those hormones in your body for years to prevent from getting pregnant, minimise your cramps and pain during your period or whatever there reason. And then you decide to go on vacation and forget them.. it sucks, it means that you will probably start your period on the first day of your vacation and if you are gone for a week and you’ll bleed for 3-5 day out of those. You are not gonna be happy about it. So pack your Tampons, menstrual cups or these crazy amazing undies anyways.

Second: Condoms, I don’t know your sex life, I hope you have one. But if you need condoms, pack em! You don’t want to be in the hustle to run to a store to buy some.

Let’s head over and see what’s important to take, so you are not running around naked all the time, well except if you are going to a nude RV Park or so.. I mean, you do you!

Girls, we need our Tanktops! It doesn’t matter if we are in the dying heat of a desert or in freezing cold mountains snowboarding or sledding! These are definitely essentials! It depends on what kind of adventure you are going to go on, so pack more Pants and Sweaters if you are gonna be in the cold, more bathing suits if you’ll be planning on laying on the beach.

WHATEVER YOU NEED, goes on to the miscellaneous list. Maybe it is your gameboy, different types of books or a backpack if you need one, I don’t know. Put it on here.

The Checklist I made has two pages the first one has all of the above on it, the second one has the upcoming categories on it, which includes hand luggage and what you could or should pack in that to leave the plane happy and feeling fresh at your destination. Lets get started:

So if you don’t need a make up bag or snacks in your hand luggage, PLEASE take these things though! A day at the Airport is stressful, with or without kids you have to at least stand in 4 lines, run twice and or sit for a couple of minutes (hours if your flight gets delayed).

Bring. your. empty. bottle.
It would have had the clapping hand emoji in between words, if I could do that on here.

Also if your flight longer than 4 hours and you don’t talk around in your workout clothes all day before you get on the plane, bring some comfy clothes like a sweater, leggings/sweatpants, a shirt and maybe some socks. What I have recently discovered for myself are Adiletten on a plane (aka. shower shoes). As -I hope- everybody knows, those little „water“ drops in the bathroom, are not actual water. Ya I know. ew. So just bring your hand sanitizer + lotion too, cause, you don’t want to know what else is covered in what. I heard one time the story that there are sperm stains on every single plane on this planet, can you imagine how they got there?! I don’t, but if I’m honest I don’t want to know.

I count myself as one of those open mouth, drooling heavy during flight sleepers, I don’t necessarily need any of these, but its nice if I have them at hand. Travel pillow, earplugs and maybe a sleeping mask. Sometimes when I wake up I just leave everything on and in so I kinda have the feeling „I can’t see or hear them, so they can’t see me either!“ And before landing I normally head to the now really really full of „water“ drops bathroom, brush my teeth (with a cup of water that i got from a flight attendant, that I asked nicely) and put a little bit of eye cream on those swollen super dry sacks.

Which leads to the next thing you might want to carry in your carry on- ha get it? Carry in a carry on 😉

Maybe you need to go straight to a Meeting, fancy dinner or you just do it for the gram. Whatever reason you might have to put on make up, do it! It’s your face and your feeling you have after being jam packed in a tube 32k feet off the ground.

If it makes you feel great, GO FOR IT!

For the men out there reading this thinking „I’m not using any of these.“ It’s ok, there are plenty of girls, who won’t take a make up bag either. But maybe you’ll think about the face wash if you are going to travel further and want to get a fresh face feeling at the airport and just freshen up a little -btw they come in travel sizes too.

Alright lets check out the MOST important thing for me on any flight, doesn’t matter if I’m working or not..

YES, I feel ya when it comes to „what can I actually bring on a plane, that doesn’t melt, gets smushy or just isn’t allowed on planes?“

Well here are my to go to, cause no one likes to be around Joline when she’s HANGRY.

They are all very self explanatory and simple! Which is the best part, you can stop at a grocery store on the way to the airport and get all of these bad boys. Except for a good ol‘ german homemade Stulle. But we ain’t bothered by making one in the morning, that’s how we were raised!

That’s it people. Thank you so much for sticking with me. I hope you liked and enjoyed reading this little post about my Travel Packing Checklist. If you did, leave a nice or maybe if you didn’t an awful, comment below.

Ahoy, Joline

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  1. Hi happy to hear from you again. Missed your great information and your cute way of telling us about it!!!
    Hope you and Eugene have some time together in your
    busy lives and so happy that you have each other!!
    Please keep your great stories and information coming!!
    Love to hear from you, please tell my handsome sweet Grandson that I love both of you so much!!!
    Grandma Marlene

    Gefällt 1 Person

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